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Preparing the Pre-Acquisition Documents Related to a Business Sale or Purchase.pdf  DuPage County Bar Association Brief, Vol. 19, Issue 5, page 11.

Helping Business Owners Avoid Personal Liability.pdf  Illinois Bar Journal, Vol. 95, No. 6. p. 310

Shareholder Drag Along Rights in Illinois.pdf  Illinois Bar Journal, Vol. 100, No. 6. p. 320.

A Look at the Illinois Employee Classification Act.pdf  Illinois State Bar Association - Corporation, Securities & Business Law Forum, Vol. 53, No.2.

Business Lawyers and the New Rules.pdf  Illinois Bar Journal, Vol. 98. p. 540.

Negotiating and Drafting Pre-Acquisition Documents.pdf  Illinois State Bar Association - Corporation, Securities & Business Law Forum, Vol. 52, No.3.

Potential Revision to Ethics Rules to Facilitate Out-of-State Practice for Transactional Attorneys.pdf  Illinois State Bar Association - Corporation, Securities & Business Law Forum, Vol. 56, No. 1.

Hardship Distribution Withdrawals From 401(k) Plans.pdf  Illinois State Bar Association - Corporation, Securities & Business Law Forum,  Vol., 54, No.4.

Beware the Illinois Employee Classification Act.pdf  DuPage County Bar Association Brief, Vol. 20, Issue 8, page 20.

Pierce the Veil - ICPA Magazine.pdf  Insight-the Magazine of the Illinois CPA Society, Vol. 57, No 3. p. 22.

Voluntary Dismissals - a Critical Review.pdf  Illinois Bar Journal, Vol. 92, page 484.

A Primer on Judicial Admissions.pdf  DuPage County Bar Association Brief, February/March 2005, page 12.

Sale of an Insolvent Insurer's Charter.pdf  Mealey's Litigation Reports, Insurance Insolvency, Vol.5, Iss.# 24.

Drafting a Guaranty Association Agreement.pdf  Mealey's Litigation Reports, Insurance Insolvency, Vol.6, Iss.# 15.

Avoiding Personal Liability – Running the Medical Practice to Protect it’s Owners.pdf  Illinois Family Physician, Volume 64, Issue 2.


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Resolution - Run an honest Business and Keep the Family Happy.pdf

Business Violating New State Contractor Law.pdf 

Preparing for the Sale of a Business.pdf

Tips to Consider When Thinking About Buying a Franchise.pdf

We Have a Contract, Don't We.pdf

Cover All Your Bases When Buying a Business.pdf

Taking Stock of Legal Documents in 'Winter'.pdf

Negotiating Commercial Leases.pdf

Employee Overtime Rules.pdf

Considerations in Buying vs Leasing Real Estate.pdf